Frequently Asked Questions

I have already paid for this once and now it is asking me to pay again

Auto Dust is non consumable in-app purchase. Follow the instructions as you are buying the in-app purchase. If you use the same Apple ID, Apple would detect that you already bought this in-app purchase and would restore your transaction.

How to choose which contact to keep when doing dust?

if you would like to have manual control especially with multiple sources, you can choose which contact is primary (won’t get deleted) by going to Duplicates -> choose a duplicate contact -> tap on the primary contact. A smily contact would appear next to the primary contact. By default Exchange contacts will be primary if not iCloud contacts.

How to do manual merge of address book duplicates?

Go to Smart -> Report -> Select any duplicates group -> Dust. Alternatively, you can preview the merge effect by using the Merged button

How to delete multiple contacts in the same time?

Go to Smart -> Report -> Edit -> select the contacts that you want to delete -> press Delete. You can also use the built-in search functionality to zoom-in on the contacts to be deleted fast.

How to back up my contacts using iTunes?

  • Plug your iPhone into your computer
  • Launch iTunes
  • Select your iPhone in the ‘DEVICES’ list
  • Right-Click on your iPhone
  • Select “Back Up”
  • Wait for iPhone backup to complete

Does Contacts Duster works with Google contacts?

Yes. First, you do need to sync with Google server by going to Settings app -> Mail -> Add Account…

How to sync & merge Gmail contacts?

To sync Gmail contacts on the iPhone, you do need to add gmail account as exchange: Once the account is setup Contacts Duster would be able to read your gmail contacts and merge them with the other contacts you have on your iOS device.

How to add or remove contacts to/from Group?

Go to groups -> tap on the group name -> tap select contacts -> choose contacts to add or remove to/from group

How to delete a group?

Go to Groups -> Tap the group name to delete -> Press the red delete button -> Confirm delete. That will delete the group itself not the contacts assigned to.

How to create a new group?

Go to Groups -> Press the “+” button located on the upper right corner -> Follow the instructions -> Press “Done” button

How to delete Zombies?

Go to Zombies section -> Do swipe-to-delete action on each zombie you would like to delete. If some zombies are duplicated you can delete them by doing the same action.

What are Zombies?

Zombies are lonely email addresses or Phone numbers without first, last or company name. Usually they appear after importing contacts from gmail, yahoo… Also contacts without contact info are also marked as zombies. Zombies list can be found in the Zombies section.

Getting “Access Denied” message in iOS 6

Apple added a new privacy settings for Contacts. You do need to enable Contacts Duster accessing your contacts. Please check this post on how to do it:

How to check contacts source?

Go to Contacts -> under each contact in grey you will see the contacts source: Local, iCloud…

How to remove Facebook contacts under iOS 6?

Go to the Settings app -> Facebook -> Switch Contacts to OFF

How to delete duplicates?

Go to Duplicates section -> Do a swipe-to-delete action on each duplicate you would like to delete. You can also delete the duplicate group by doing the same action.

How to mark contacts as duplicates?

After Auto Dusting contacts, a “+” button appears in the Duplicates section where users can select which contacts are duplicates than with one touch the duplicates will get merged together.

How to select and merge undetected duplicate contacts?

Go to Smart section -> press “+” button in the top right -> Select duplicate contacts -> Press Done. You can repeat step 1-2 for each set of duplicate contacts. Finally press Auto Dust and they will get merged auto-magically. The other option after completing step 1-2 is you can tap on the duplicate contact then tap merge or preview.

How to sync gmail contacts?

Open the Settings app. Go to Mail,Contacts -> Add Account -> Microsoft Exchange. Follow the instructions. After the account is added, please make sure that sync Contacts is turned ON.

How to deselect manually selected duplicates?

From the duplicates section just do a swipe-to-delete action on the manually selected duplicates. This action wont delete the original contacts just unbind the duplicate relationship between these contacts.

How to edit contacts?

Go to Contacts -> select the contact you want to edit -> press the Edit button in the top right corner -> do the changes -> press done. You can do the same from the Group section.

I would like to combine all my contacts, from home computer, Samsung phone and iPad.

You first need to import your samsung contacts into your computer than sync your computer’s contact with iPad via iTunes or iCloud: than open Contacts Duster app and run Auto Dust.

How to Preview Contacts Merge?

Go to Smart -> Report -> Duplicates -> Select duplicate -> Tap Merged

How to sync contacts between iOS devices?

in the Settings app go to iCloud -> turn “Contacts” ON

How to add contacts to a group?

Go to Groups -> Tap on a desired group -> Tap Select Contacts -> search for specific contacts by name or email -> tap on contacts to add. N.B: You can add contacts from any source including Facebook, Gmail or other exchange contacts…

Under duplicates I get ones that say “1” next to them. What does that mean?

Because these contacts have duplicate entries such as same email or phone numbers

What’s local versus contacts?

It’s contacts stored locally on the iphone versus what’s on some other contacts list (like Yahoo or Gmail)

How do I create an account?

Tap on the More tab -> Login -> Press on the green Sign Up button

How to sync my contacts into the cloud?

To keep your contacts safe got to Sync -> Cloud backup -> follow instructions

How to restore deleted contact?

More section -> Trash -> select one or multiple contacts -> Restore

How to restore purchases?

Tap on the More section -> Tap Restore Purchases in the other section -> Follow the instructions

How do I activate Auto Dust?

You can buy it by simply pressing on the red clean button at the bottom…. Buying Auto Dust will also allow users an ad-free experience.

Can I use Auto Dust on multiple devices?

Auto Dust is an one-time in-app purchase. So, if you buy it on one device you don’t have to pay on the other device in order to active it. Just follow the instructions and Apple would detect that your already bought it and won’t charge you again.

What is the difference between Pro and Auto Dust in-app purchases?

The pro version in addition to Auto Dust would allows you to mange your cluttered contacts in groups as well as securing all future & upcoming releases.

How to Auto Dust

Tap on the Smart section than the green Auto Dust button located at the top right corner

How to clean my contacts between different sources

You need to add your Exchange/iCloud accounts using the Settings app. Once your contacts got synced than use Auto Dust to clean them out.

I just purchased this app. Within minutes of dusting my multiple contacts are returning

Do you have iCloud or Exchange with Contacts sync enabled? if Yes, try to disable the sync by going to Settings app -> Mail -> Exchange/iCloud account -> turn off Contacts sync

How to export my contacts?

You can export your dusted contacts by:
1- Syncing via iTunes
2- Syncing via iCLoud
3- Exporting contacts by going to Smart -> Report -> Edit -> Select all -> Share

iPhone got relabeled to home

The reason that iPhone got renamed to home is that exchange servers doesn’t support the iPhone label.

Can’t choose iPhone as label for phone numbers

The iPhone label doesn’t exist for exchange contacts. You check the contacts source by going to the Contacts section. If you create a contact locally or using iCloud you can have the option to use iPhone as label.

How to restore back my contacts

If you used our Cloud Sync services, it’s easy to restore your contacts with one touch by going to Sync -> Cloud Restore. To do the full back up you can restore from:

Is there a way where I can delete duplicates?

User can delete a set of duplicates or specific duplicate by going to the duplicate section. Once there, user can perform a swipe-to-delete action like on the Mail app in order to delete duplicates.

How the app removes duplicates?

Lets say you have 2 duplicate contacts A & B.Contacts Duster will merge entries from Contact B into A then deletes Contact B. So at the end you will have one clean contact that has all the entries from both contacts.

How do I share contacts with Friends?

You can easily share couple of contacts or all of them by going to Contacts -> Share/Delete -> Select specific contacts or Select all -> Share

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